Clinical Negligence, Medical Negligence and Medical Accident Claims in Devon and Somerset

We specialise in claims arising from clinical negligence, medical negligence and medical accidents. We offer a local service to clients in Devon, Somerset but also deal with cases on a national basis.

Medical care in this country is of a very high standard, especially here in the South West, where we are served by some top quality GP surgeries and hospitals such as The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, Derriford Hospital and The North Devon District Hospital. However, as with life in general, things do go wrong and accidents sometimes happen.

It is often difficult to assess whether a particular outcome was due to negligent medical treatment or had another cause. That is why it is important to consult an experienced local solicitor at an early stage to consider whether the medical care fell below the standard that is generally accepted as being reasonable.

If your medical negligence claim appears to have good prospects of success then we are usually willing to deal with cases on a No Win - No Fee basis.

As local Devon and Somerset solicitors with a proven track record we pride ourselves on being able to offer a highly personal service to people in the West country.

Our team is led by Oliver Thorne, who is based at our Barnstaple office. Oliver,  is an experienced medical negligence lawyer with a wealth of experience. He deals with all types of medical negligence from inquests and orthopaedic claims to complex brain injury and cerebral palsy cases. Oliver has successfully pursued cases on behalf of children suffering Erb’s palsy following shoulder dystocia and he has helped recover over £15m for children affected by cerebral palsy.  Oliver also deals with gynaecological injuries and has a particular interest in orthopaedic negligence, cases involving general surgical errors and cosmetic surgery.   

Oliver specialises in product liability claims having won cases against some of the world’s largest manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceutical products. He has recently been involved in the controversial debate regarding vaginal mesh and has been invited to lecture on the subject in Scotland.

Oliver’s recent successes include:

  • Representing, at inquest, the family of an 86 year old women who was admitted to Cheltenham General Hospital for a bruised elbow but died after contracting Norovirus
  • Obtaining an admission of liability for a 65 year old lady who suffered severe mobility problems following hip surgery at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital
  • Securing a settlement for a Chichester family who’s daughter died from a catastrophic brain injury, days after being born at St Richards Hospital, Chichester
  • Obtaining an admission of liability for the negligent prescription of Benzodiazepine to a North Devon woman
  • Successfully recovering £40,000 for a client who suffered from compulsive gambling as a result of taking the drug Mirapexin/Pramipexole   

You can email Oliver at,

0808 139 1596