Freak Injury Cripples North Devon Horse-Rider

Accident solicitor, Mike Clarke of our Bideford office is pursuing an injury claim for a well-known horse-woman who suffered devastating injuries from what seemed a simple slipping accident at the livery yard where she worked in North Devon.

In August 2011, our client was taking feed from a storage container at the yard near Beaworthy, Devon when she slipped and fell because of unsafe make-shift steps used to access the container.  

She and several other employees had previously fallen on the steps and she had complained to the owner that proper steps were needed.

Nothing was done.

At first, she thought she had simply bruised her hip and bottom, but 48 hours later, was in such agony that her husband (himself recovering from a serious illness) dialled 999 and she was rushed to Exeter hospital.  There, a scan showed that she had been bleeding steadily into the pelvic cavity since the fall.  Tragically, this internal bleeding had put pressure on the femoral nerve, which had been irreversibly damaged.

This apparently minor fall has left her with no sensation or muscle control at all in her left leg from the hip downward, as well as serious bladder and bowel complications.

She is now permanently wheel-chair bound and will never be able to work with horses again.  It is likely that her leg will have to be amputated at the hip.

Mike commented, “This lady’s whole life revolved around horses.  She is now unable to work with them.  She is nearly 50 and will find it very hard to obtain work even if she re-trains in some other field.   The effect on her life has been devastating and we are pursuing the owner of the yard for a very significant amount in compensation for her injuries and other losses to reflect that.”

Mike Clarke represents accident victims throughout Devon and is always available for an informal chat if you think you might have an injury claim that is worth pursuing. You are also very welcome to pop in to see Mike at our Bideford office or arrange to see him at one of our other offices in North Devon (Barnstaple, Braunton and South Molton). We have other specialist personal injury solicitors able to help you at our offices in Exeter and Taunton, Somerset.

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