Kent Woman Prescribed Wrong Medication Wins Injury Compensation From Pharmacist

Personal injury solicitor, Mike Clarke, reports on another successful claim, this time against a pharmacist who supplied a patient with the wrong medication

Although we are based in Devon and Somerset and well known to people locally, Slee Blackwell represents injury victims throughout the whole of England and Wales. Our accident solicitors enjoy a national reputation for their skill and expertise which we like to think is richly deserved.

Mike Clarke, a PI solicitor at our Bideford office has recently negotiated a 4-figure sum in compensation for a woman from Faversham in Kent, who suffered acute chemical burns to her skin when her local pharmacist mis-printed the instructions on her prescription medicine.

Following the instructions, our client left the medicated cream on her skin for 10 times longer than should have been the case. She suffered painful blistering and skin burns as a result. Her injuries needed dressing and this aggravated her existing skin condition.

The Kent woman instructed Slee Blackwell on a no win, no fee basis to bring an injury claim against the negligent pharmacist. The claim was successful and compensation was recovered. Under our 100% compensation guarantee the claimant received every penny of her award without any deductions. We recovered the legal costs from the insurers of the negligent pharmacist.

Fortunately, our client she made a good recovery, with no long-term damage.

If you wish to make a claim for injury compensation then give us a call. Whether you live in Devon or Somerset or, like our client from Kent, live further afield, our specialist injury lawyers are here to assist.

And one final thing. We are a niche practice where the emphasis is still on good old fashioned professional service. We are not one of the large claims companies you see advertised on the TV, who process injury claims on a bulk volume basis. At Slee Blackwell clients are still treated

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