Trampoline Accident Victim Wins Injury Compensation at Trial

Another trial success for Slee Blackwell’s personal injury department.

A former pupil at a Torrington school in North Devon has been awarded compensation by a judge at Plymouth county court for a personal injury she suffered in a trampoline class in March 2009.

Kayley Taylor, who was then aged 14, was helping other pupils to fold away a large trampoline after a PE class at Torrington Secondary School (now Torrington Community School).  The pupils lost control of the heavy leaf of the trampoline and it crashed down on Kayley’s left wrist, breaking it in three places.

Her personal injury claim was handled by Mike Clarke of Slee Blackwell in Bideford on a No Win – No Fee basis. Commenting on the trial victory he said:-

“Kayley’s injury took over two years to heal completely and she was lucky not to have been left with any permanent problems from what was a nasty set of fractures.  We alleged that the one teacher in charge of the class was not paying sufficient attention to the folding operation, which was in direct contravention of the council’s own guidance to schools in the area.  We also discovered that there had been several previous accidents in Devon schools involving pupils stowing trampolines and the council had specifically warned head teachers about the risks.  Despite this evidence, Devon County Council denied liability for Kayley’s accident, forcing us to start court action for recovery of compensation.  We had to apply to court twice during the progress of the accident claim to force the council to show us relevant documents that it refused to disclose.  It was not until we had asked the court to fix a trial date that the council finally entered into discussions with us and we were able to agree a fair amount for Kayley’s compensation.   Kayley, who is now17 and is studying fashion design in Plymouth, will receive the money on her 18th birthday- until then, it will be invested for her by the Court Funds Office in London.”

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